for outstanding
facade doors.


Depending on customer requirements, ALPGATE supplies individual parts, pre-assembled assemblies or complete gate systems.

Oversizes, special requests, security-relevant specifications, individual opening directions, special seals or material requests – we design your door to measure from every requirement profile.

We produce the industrial doors in our production facilityplant in Bruneck, South Tyrol. Function-critical typical features are patented for us. Long-term employees secure the high potential of experience. Manufacturing is working at a high technological level.

Folding Doors

Our folding doors are low-maintenance, freely variable in width up to 10 m, height 8th m and number of wings, the optics can be designed in many variants …

Sliding folding doors

Up to approx. 150 square meters of facade area can be opened and closed with our sturdy folding sliding doors without any problems …

Side Sliding doors

The advantages of ALPGATE sliding gates are obvious: they are easy to operate automatically or manually, require little maintenance and save space …

Facade doors

In facade construction, we offer individual and customized solutions, in which we develop door systems that adapt ideally to the entire facade.

Side Sliding Leaf Doors

We are able to let your door slide around the corner between 90 and 180 degrees. Individual elements makes it possible.

Hangar doors

Doors up to 300 m wide and 80 m high e.g. space travel or mega shipyards, aircraft hangars, helicopter hangars, military, etc …

Sliding Wall Systems

An attractive side staggered door as a mobile partition wall or movable facade. Perfect for banks, shopping malls, offices …

Custom doors

Individual and customer-specific solutions in which we develop door systems that ideally adapt to the entire facade.

Movable facades instead of ordinary gates.

Let yourself be impressed by our references ...

Bartolo Nardini

We are very proud to be part of this project! Below the futuristic glass bubbles made of spherically curved glass planned by the famous architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Alpgate was allowed to install an extremely elegant and attractive glass swing door. The 6 m high glass wings were made with thermally separated stainless steel profiles. The wings first turn 90 ° and then move away to the side.

Manufactory for
outstanding facade doors.

With the claim to produce doors of the highest quality and the best standard, we rely on over 30 years of know-how and experience in industrial door construction.