Custom Doors.

Our motto at ALPGATE is: Everything imaginable is feasible. Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist.

A couple of examples that we have realised successfully in the past:

  • Telescope sliding gates on two sides, also with uneven distribution
  • Round sliding gates for a glass building
  • Large-sized, high-speed gates, for example for big industrial halls, in order to minimise thermal loss and to save energy through rapid closing
  • Office divisions in all possible variations
  • Solutions for food sector enterprises with challenging requirements

We deliver solutions.

Oversizes, special requests, special design requirements, security-relevant specifications, certain opening directions, special seals, material requests – we will turn your requirement profile into a tailor-made door.

The ALPGATE development team works with the latest software technology and uses 3D construction software to create concept models, motion simulations, assembly drawings, production drawings and finite element analyzes.


6 tons of stainless steel and glass.

A goal in a class of its own! A sunroof for a museum in Hong Kong. 6 tons of stainless steel and glass. Automatically movable lifting, lowering and sliding technology with just one drive. The exhibits are delivered over the roof by helicopter.

let yourself be inspired...

We have built unique doors
all over the world.

Find out more about the versatility and individuality of our products in our reference and project overview. Let yourself be inspired.