Hangar doors.

Gates up to 300 m in width and 80 m in height (eg space travel or big shipyards, aeroplane hangar for MRO and FBO, helicopter halls, military, etc.)

Hangar doors or large hall doors have to meet specific requirements and stipulations and be perfectly adapted to the individual circumstances.

ALPGATE delivered for example 2 hangar doors for the German armed forces in Afghanistan. The telescopic sliding gates (32m x 5m) were installed at the NATO base Mazar e-Sharif. These gate systems have filigree frames made of steel, are slim and very stable. The 4 leaves per door are each driven by a motor, so that the doors can be moved extremely easily.

The telescopic sliding gates are floor-bearing, designed for a truss movement of +/- 10 cm in height and yet sealed from direct wind.


Requirements for the wind loads, tightness, no radar reflection, light permeability combined with high thermal insulation. We are happy to meet this challenge. You have further questions? Please feel free to contact us.

ALPGATE develops and manufactures floor-mounted or above-suspended sliding doors, sliding folding doors, telescopic sliding doors, side sliding leaf doors with only 1m of space required for the deflection, cost-efficient combinations of lower sliding doors with a tail gate door – all from our own development and production of the highest quality and state of the art.


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