Burglary protection doors RC2 - RC6

Our security folding doors have been thoroughly tested by the IFT Rosenheim and officially certified in resistance classes RC2, WK3 (RC3) and WK4 (RC4).

On request, execution in RC5 and RC6 possible!

Our folding doors, sliding folding doors and rotary doors can be easily and with little additional effort in the burglary resistance class RC2.

The RC2 doors can be designed with a wicket door, various panels or even with glass.

In addition to RC2 gates, we offer various security gates in resistance classes WK3 (RC3) and WK4 (RC4) for increased protection.


The ALPGATE security doors are optionally available in manual or automatic versions. Depending on the weight, size and intended use, we offer various operating options.

With the available drive and control systems, a solution is possible for almost every door type. This flexibility enables us to fulfill individual wishes. Our gates meet the highest security requirements and are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. The gate systems are operated either via dead man’s or impulse control.

Various fillings are also possible: With glass and perforated sheet metal, folding doors can be designed in WK3 (RC3) and with our closed sandwich panel filling even in WK4 (RC4).


Robust moving parts

The large dimensioned, durable hinge straps from our own development are die-cast aluminum parts with bronze bushings, two thrust bearings, grease nipples and galvanized steel bolts. Hinge height 180 mm, bolt diameter 25 mm! The folded track profile is 3 or 5 mm thick. The carriages are particularly robust and ensure smooth and low-noise door movement. The 100mm support roller and the two 65mm guide rollers are covered with heavy-duty plastic. All bearings are maintenance-free, dust and water-proof encapsulated. The rubber seals are particularly reliable as a multi-chamber construction with two additional sealing lips and secure finger protection. Quality Certifications.

Testing at the Brunico works by the IFT Rosenheim

Burglary protection up to RC6

ALPGATE presents the new stacking door featuring enhanced burglary protection in resistance class RC4, and upon request, even in RC5 and RC6.

Our RC4 stacking doors set a benchmark in security, delivering a sturdy solution for challenging environments such as museums, banks, military facilities, and other high-security areas. The stacking door is crafted to meet the most stringent security requirements while maintaining an aesthetic design.

For exceptionally demanding environments, we provide the option to certify the stacking door in resistance classes RC5 or RC6 upon request. This ensures that even in settings with the highest security demands, protection is assured.

The door can also be crafted in stainless steel or as a double gate solution.

Distinguished by its robust construction, the stacking door ensures substantial resistance against burglary attempts. The design is engineered to endure the harshest conditions.

Other gate systems

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