Hangar doors

We offer a variety of hangar options that enable safe and efficient storage of aircraft fleets. From aeroclubs with gliders to general aviation all the way to large aircraft hangars.

For example, in aerospace or mega-shipyards, aircraft hangars for MRO and FBO, helicopter hangars, military, etc.

Hangar doors or large hangar gates must meet specific requirements and regulations and be precisely tailored to individual circumstances.

ALPGATE develops and manufactures ground-guided or overhead sliding doors, sliding folding doors, telescopic sliding doors, as well as round sliding doors with a minimal space requirement of only 1 m for redirection.

In addition, we offer cost-effective combinations, for example, low sliding doors with a side guiding door – all from our own development and production, of the highest quality and according to the latest state of the art technology.


Requirements for the wind loads, tightness, no radar reflection, light permeability combined with high thermal insulation. We are happy to meet this challenge.

You have further questions? Please feel free to contact us.

ALPGATE develops and manufactures floor-mounted or above-suspended sliding doors, sliding folding doors, telescopic sliding doors, side sliding leaf doors with only 1m of space required for the deflection, cost-efficient combinations of lower sliding doors with a tail gate door – all from our own development and production of the highest quality and state of the art.


In the Munich district of Moosach, a spacious new building with a washing and maintenance hall, as well as an MVG control center, has been constructed. For this construction project, we supplied, among other things, a ground-supported telescopic sliding door with dimensions of 20 x 4.2 meters. This design variant is also well-suited as an aviation hangar door and can be easily realized with 3-4-5-6… wings per side. Learn more about this project now…

The ALPGATE sliding folding door, model SFT-SP, with dimensions of 12,000 mm width x 5,200 mm height, was executed with the opening scheme 5+5. The fully glazed gate system is equipped with special insulating glass (5ESG – 12 – 3+3VSG, Ug=1.2W/m²K) and coated in RAL 7016. Learn more about this project…

This telescopic sliding door, measuring 32m x 5m, was installed at a NATO base.

These gate systems feature delicate steel frames, slim yet highly durable. Each of the 4 wings per gate is powered by a motor, making the gates exceptionally smooth to operate. Learn more about this project…

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More gate systems

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