Mobile partition wall systems

Our sliding wall systems can be used for Banks, shopping centers, office complexes, conference rooms, concert halls or winter gardens.

The ALPGATE Sliding Wall: An attractive side staggered door as a mobile partition wall or movable facade, also frameless. Our mobile sliding wall systems are perfect for banks, shopping centers, office complexes, conference rooms, concert halls or winter gardens.

The laterally opening staggered system is made of individual elements with freely selectable materials as filling. The product mechanics are optionally manufactured in stainless steel or galvanized steel for a specific project.

The possible element width is between 300 mm and 1500 mm and the sliding wall can easily be implemented for a height of 6000 mm.



With the ALPGATE Sliding Wall, openings up to 30 m wide and 6 m high can be automatically separated. A weight of up to 800 kg per element also allows heavy-weight solutions. Ideal for partitions with frameless glass panes.

Our mobile partition wall systems are perfect for banks or museums, as switchable or bulletproof glass can be built into the ALPGATE side staggered system.

Linit Korea - Reference

Glass Moving Wall – The Condo by LINIT KOREA
Inner wall 5 m high and 18 m wide as a movable glass wall without floor rail!

Our versatile mobile partition systems are used in various areas such as banks, shopping centers, office complexes, conference rooms, concert halls, and conservatories. Thanks to their flexibility, they effortlessly adapt to the requirements of different environments. Whether it’s dividing a space into smaller areas, ensuring privacy, or providing acoustic insulation, our partition systems are the ideal solution.

In banks, our partitions enable discreet consultation areas where customers can have confidential conversations. In shopping centers, they create flexible retail spaces and allow operators to adjust the store area as needed. In office complexes, they contribute to the creation of meeting rooms and individual work areas, enhancing efficiency and productivity among employees.

Our partition systems are also highly useful in conference rooms, offering the ability to adjust the space according to the size of the event. In concert halls, they provide optimal acoustics and help control sound in different areas. Last but not least, our mobile partitions can be used in conservatories to create separate areas and regulate temperature in different zones.

Our mobile partition systems combine functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability, making them an excellent solution for various applications. We offer customized solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers and provide them with maximum flexibility.

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