Manufactory for outstanding facade doors


Depending on customer requirements, ALPGATE supplies individual parts, pre-assembled assemblies or complete gate systems.

Oversizes, special requests, security-relevant specifications, individual opening directions, special seals or material requests – we design your door to measure from every requirement profile.

We produce the industrial doors in our production facilityplant in Bruneck, South Tyrol. Function-critical typical features are patented for us. Long-term employees secure the high potential of experience. Manufacturing is working at a high technological level.

Folding Doors
Our folding doors are low-maintenance, freely variable in width up to 10 m, height 8 m and number of leaves. The optics can be designed in many variants …
Side Sliding doors
The advantages of ALPGATE sliding doors are obvious: they can be easily operated automatically or manually, very low maintenance and space-saving ....
Facade doors
In facade construction, we offer individual solutions in which we develop door systems that adapt ideally to the entire facade.
Side Sliding Leaf Doors
We are able to make your gate slide 90 degrees (or more) around the corner. Element widths from one to 1.35 meters (or wider on request) make this effortlessly possible.
Hangar doors
From aeroclubs with gliders to general aviation all the way to large aircraft hangars – we have the perfect size for your needs.

Steel gates have many advantages... Did you know...?

That the stability of our steel gates is significantly higher than that of aluminum gates and the deflection is also much less?

A special plus are the sizes that can be realized: The height of the individual gate leaves can be up to 10 meters with ALPGATE steel gates; with aluminum gates, on the other hand, the maximum height is only 4-6 meters.
Due to the high inherent stability, versions with heavy filling variations can be implemented without any problems. The use of VSG or ESG glazing without cross bars is even possible up to 5 meters!
There are also clear advantages in terms of thermal insulation: the thermal insulation properties of steel are better than those of aluminum and the slim door profiles also result in fewer thermal bridges.

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