Sliding folding doors

Low-noise, durable, robust, low-maintenance, suitable for large glazing and for very high demands – these are the unmistakable advantages of ALPGATE sliding folding doors.

Large sizes: ALPGATE folding sliding doors can be realized on one side up to a width of approx. 20 meters, which consequently enables a total opening width of almost 40 meters. In addition, heights of up to 8m can be achieved without any problems.

Even more: where the overhead sectional door is no longer possible, the sliding folding door is the big moment.


Impressive industrial halls, helicopter and aircraft hangars, fire brigades and barracks, but also private garages, parking and storage halls as well as many agricultural businesses have been equipped with folding doors by ALPGATE.

In a stainless steel version, the doors are also suitable for food processing companies; which, by the way, applies to all of our goals.

Due to their stability, sliding folding doors make it possible to close or open large openings. Up to approx. 150 square meters of facade surface can be opened and closed in this way.

The doors are moved quietly, quickly and economically with one or two motors.

Cost saving


The ALPGATE sliding folding doors are carried and guided on a top track. Additional guide rollers in another rail on the floor ensure stability.

It is interesting to observe when such a gigantic door, almost 30 meters wide, with all its gate leaves and weighing around 3000 kilograms, disappears like a package in its own “train station” within a very short time. As if by magic, the ball-bearing steel carriages fold the elements together with the ejector rollers. It works just as well manually as it does automatically.

18 x 4.5 meters sliding-folding door for helicopter hangar.

For our client AIRBUS in Ottobrunn, we equipped a helicopter hangar with an ALPGATE sliding-folding door some time ago. The dimensions of the door system are an impressive 18,000mm x 4,500mm.

The original non-insulated door was replaced with this modern version featuring sandwich elements and ESG insulated glass. The U-value of the new door system is 1.76 W/m²K.

Let yourself be inspired..

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