Corrosion Resistant car wash doors

ALPGATE doors can be used in a variety of ways – they are also ideal for use in car washes.
Gates require a special design if they are installed in a demanding environment. Especially in car washes, there is a permanently damp climate in which a wide variety of cleaning agents and chemicals are also regularly used. In order not to reduce the duration of the product life cycle unnecessarily, the selection of door systems should be planned in advance. We recommend the use of folding doors, as they do not require any unnecessary suspensions and no condensation or splashing water can accumulate and drip off when open. Folding doors require hardly any room depth, so that there is maximum flexibility when planning the washing system. There is no need to create space for the suspension of the door system and a folding door system that opens outwards is also better protected against collision damage.

Stainless steel

The individual components are supplied in “car wash design” in order to achieve greater resistance in the aggressive climate of the car wash.
– Bolts (Hinge Bolts, Support Bolts, Guide Bolts)
– Bearings
– Hinge mounting screws
– Bowden cable for emergency release of the electric drive
are made of stainless steel V2A (instead of being galvanized as standard) and/or with an anti-corrosion coating.
The frames and profiles are galvanized and powder-coated to protect against corrosion. Furthermore, acid-resistant cabling and splash-proof drives and controls are installed.


Space-saving & fast

Another advantage of the ALPGATE wash hall doors is the small amount of space required when the door is open. We pay attention to the best possible distance between the car wash and the gate to avoid unnecessary water contact. Installation from the outside in front of the system is therefore possible without any problems. Another plus is the fast opening times. Depending on the motor variant, the gates can be folded up completely within a very short time. This happens almost completely silently, because the gates move on a carriage with ball-bearing rollers. Manual opening is also possible at any time.

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