Folding doors WK3 (RC3) and WK4 (RC4) certified

Our doors have been thoroughly tested and officially certified by IFT Rosenheim in resistance classes WK3 (RC3) and WK4 (RC4).

Our folding doors can also be designed as security doors with increased protection requirements. These gates not only offer a better feeling, but also the right burglary protection in an emergency.

Our gates have been thoroughly tested and officially certified by the IFT Rosenheim in the resistance classes WK3 (RC3) and WK4 (RC4).</ p>

ALPGATE security folding doors are available in either manual or automatic versions. Different infills are also possible: With glass and perforated sheet we can offer folding doors in WK3 (RC3) and with our closed infill made of sandwich panels even in WK4 (RC4).

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