An ecological and sustainable fire station is currently being built in Tübingen-Lustnau, which is largely made of wood. The natural material for sustainable construction comes from the Black Forest and the Allgäu region and was manufactured locally by the Hämmerle carpentry in Tübingen-Bühl. In addition to the climate-friendly wooden facade, the roof will also contribute to climate protection with greenery and photovoltaics.

ALPGATE is proud to be able to contribute a part to this successful building, because 11 ALPGATE folding doors of the type ALPGATE FT-SP-50 are currently being installed for the vehicle hall of the fire station. The gates consist of a welded steel frame construction made of galvanized steel tubes with a construction depth of 50mm and safety insulating glass 6ESG-18-6ESG. The glazing has a thermal insulation value of Ug=1.1 W/m²K and thus makes another important contribution.

The door systems with the clear passage dimensions of 3859mm x 4719mm are mounted and fastened almost invisibly directly to the wooden construction.