ALPGATE doors meet the DIN 14092 standards for fire department buildings and are fully suitable for firefighting operations. The key advantages of these fire department folding doors are their minimal space requirements when open and, of course, their rapid opening times. In case of emergencies, the doors can be fully folded within a very short time.

The 4500 mm high folding doors were executed without crossbars and equipped with insulated glazing. The frames and accessories were coated in a matte RAL 9006 finish, enhancing the attractive appearance.

After three years of construction, the new Weingarten Fire Department Equipment House is now completed. Covering an area of 1880 square meters, it comprises a complex of buildings where previous issues were addressed under the leadership of Fire Department Commander Horst Romer. Notably, the facility now features functional showers, relocated workshops (no longer in the basement), and separate dressing rooms away from the vehicle hall.

The project’s main focus was on safety, streamlining workflows, and preventing cross-contamination to avoid the transmission of hazardous substances or dirt. Previously, regardless of gender, firefighters had to don their gear directly behind the vehicles in the hall. Now, a dedicated area is available for changing into the gear.

A significant advancement is the new breathing apparatus workshop, where clothing and breathing masks contaminated with smoke are stored and cleaned in a designated “Schwarz-Raum” after an operation. Subsequently, the items undergo inspection, documentation, and preparation for the next deployment in the “Weiß-Raum.” The two equipment managers process up to 5000 devices annually. Such a separation was not available in the old building.