We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Metzingen Fire Department and Operations Yard. In the course of this project, a total of 42 fully glazed ALPGATE steel folding gates were installed for the entry and exit points of the fire department and the operations yard. These impressive gate systems, standing over 4500mm in height and equipped with continuous safety insulating glass (VSG & ESG), bestow an exceptionally appealing facade aesthetic, all without obstructive mullions!

An emphasis was placed on functionality. The fire department and operations yard feature separate entry and exit points, including alarm exits, operational entries, and distinct access routes to car parking areas. The design is devised to ensure that all traffic flows independently and without intersections.

The exterior design underscores the distinct uses of the buildings, yet the unified materiality (thermal concrete) artfully connects them. This results in a charming interplay between the solid wall surfaces and the expansive glazing of the gate areas.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our long-standing partner, TBS Torbau Schwaben, for their dependable and professional collaboration throughout the entire project.